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Recent Major Performances & Workshops

Association with the Maestros

Represented the element of Mohiniyattam in the Master production of 'Ritusamhara' conceptualized, and choreographed by the Legendary Artist Padmabhushan Pt. Birju Maharaj.
This project was sponsored and produced by ICCR and Performed widely inIndia and abroad.

Performed in 'Nayika'- a production based on the lyrics of Rabindranath Tagore which was directed by Vidushi Dr. Sonal Mansingh and performed in India and Central America.

Performed in Natyavibhathi- Choreographed by Raja-Radha Reddy, presented at 500th coronation of Krishna Devaraya, Hyderabad.

'GAGANAYAANAM' - A space odyssey presented at Lucknow on 6th Oct 2018, at New Delhi in honour of ISRO team after the launch of CHANDRAYAAN2008. It pertains to the journey of the Moon- its affects and influences on the life, the universe.
Music Designing and Dance Choreography - Jayaprabha Menon
Presentation -International Academy of Mohiniyattam, New Delhi.

'TATVAM- A CLEBRATION OF LIFE' - Tatvam is an innovative choreographic production celebrating the cosmic dancer. The dormant energy is triggered and awakened watching the Ananda Nritta.
Concept & Lyrics - Late Padmabhushan Kavalam Narayana Panikker
Choreography-Dr. Jayaprabha Menon

GAMANAM- Gamanam explores the rhythm & journey of a river. It is a highly innovative and experimental piece in Mohiniyattam showcasing the potential of the art form within the frame of the art form with elements from Kalaripayettu, Koodiyattam and others using percussions like Mridangam, Madhalam, Chenda, Edakka & Tavil with Sitar and pneumonic of Kerala percussion instruments.
Music composition & Direction- Kavalam Padmanabhan
Choreography- Jayaprabha Menon

PHILOSOPHY OF UNITY - "A single tree no forest; A single wave is no ocean; A single note is no music; A single hue makes not rainbow; the rainbow of myriad hues appearing bright in the sky - each jealously guarding its own identity but answering the glowof the neighboring hue."
Script and Music- Kavalam Padmanabhan,
Choreography- Jayaprabha Menon

LAYALAHARI- Blend of the two major classical art forms, Kathakali and Mohiniyattam highlighting the similarities and contrasts of the art forms.
Music-Kalamandalam Manoj, Kottakkal Jayan
Choreography- Jayaprabha Menon & Kalamanadalam Manoj,
Presentataion -International Academy of Mohiniyattam, New Delhi

International Performances

Prakriti Dance Festival, 2021 organised by Colorado Fine Arts Association, 2021 Vedhi organized by Vedika performing Arts
Students of International Academy of Mohiniyattam performed at Dubai Expo 2020 at the Inauguration of India Pavilion

Inaugural event performance at International Dance Festival organized by Kochin Kalabhavan, London,

Mohiniyattam recital at The Nehru Centre, United Kingdom.

The Indian Embassy .Berlin, 2019

The Nehru Centre, London, 2019

2ND GANGADANUBE Festival & 3rd International Yoga Day celebrations, HUNGARY, Govt. of India, June 2017

The Philippine's International Dance Exchange, Philippines, May 2017, ICCR

Shruthi, New Castle, the United Kingdoms, June 2015.

The Nehru Centre, London, June 2015.

Workshops on dance and movemnets, United Kingdoms, 2015.

NRITYA UPAHAAR, MAY 2015 - Bharathiya VIidya Bhawan, LONDON.

Colors of India 2012_2013 - Valedictory Ceremony for the Prime minister at Berlin. Stuttgart, Germany April 2013.

ICCR sponsored tour to Central America with Vidushi Dr Sonal Mansingh presenting Nayikaa.

International Festival in Bangkok 2010

International Festival in South Korea 2010

Festival of India in Kazakisthan Nov 2009 Sponsored by Department of Culture, Government of India, Organized by Sangeet Natak Academy, New Delhi.

Unbound beats of India - Utsav- Habitat Centre - New Delhi -2009
Natyavriksha World Dance Day Festivlal  India International Centre- New Delhi 2009.
Kalaikoodam Festival - Sai International - New Delhi
Chandrayaan  a choregraphic presentataion  - N.C.U.I - New Delhi
LUKNOW Festival: Dec 2008, U P Tourism Lucknow.
Vande Mataram : Delhi International Arts Festival, December 2008,Meghdoot Theatre, Rabindra Bhawan-New Delhi.
North Zone Culture Centre, Allahabad: Nov 2008
Ved Vyas Sangeet Nrutyotsav:Rourkela, Orissa, 2008
ICCR Horizon Series: Mohiniyattam workshop, Kerala Kalamandalam, Kerala, Nov 2008  
Soorya Festival 2008-Trivandrum
ANANYA Dance Festival 2008, Purana Quila ,Oct, New Delhi.
RAJ BHAWAN,Luknow,President of India Visiting-Lucknow,Sept-2008.
SRINGAR 2008 ,India Habitat centre,Sept,New Delhi
HORIZON-ICCR –Jaipur and Lucknow –August 2008.
SPICAMACAY convention 2008, Kota –Rajasthan.
Tribute to Maharajah Swathi Thirunal 2008 -India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 
Niravu:  Kanakakunnu Palace, Trivandrum, April 2008.  
Rhythm – Soorya, Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi. 
Taj Mahotsav –February 2008 - U P Tourism –Agra.
Nishagandhi Festival 2008, Kerala Tourism – Trivandrum.
Mamallapuram Festival 2008 -Tamilnadu Tourism,Chennai.
Delhi International Arts Festival 2007–Meghdoot Theatre , – New Delhi-December  2007. 
Natyaveda –Mohini Festival 2007- Sanskriti Bhawan-Trivandrum, 2007.
Music and Dance Festival, Sahitya Kala Parishad, New Delhi- Nov 2007. 
Tridhara – A Composition with three styles – Mumbai, October, 2007. 
India International Centre, New Delhi- 2007. 
Kerala Food and Culture Festival 2007-New Delhi . 
IRCEN- Chattisgarh- September 2007. 
Chinamaya Mission 101 day Yagna, Calicut, 2007. 
Kalidas Samaroah ,UJJAIN.
Bharat Bhawan ,Bhopal.Madhya Pradesh.
Khajurahoo Dance Festival, Khajurahoo.
Naveen Sanskritik Kala Kendra,Hyderbad.
HCL Concert series-Habitat Centre , New delhi.
India International Centre ,New Delhi – 2004&2008.
Onam Celebrations ,kerala &New Delhi.
Shadkala Govinda Marar Smriti ,SNA.Trissur,KERALA.
Layalayam-Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi.
Swathi Smrithi, Chennai.
Performances Abroad
ICCR sponsored tour to Tanzania and Mauritius 2006.
Mahatma Gandhi Institute ,Mauritius.
Inauguration of Zanzibar film festival 06-Tanzania .
Rabindranath Tagore Institute ,Mauritius .
Lecture demonstration at Mahatma Gandhi institute ,Mauritius .
Work shop  on Movements and technique of Indian Classical Dances, at the University of Darussalam.
IGCIC , Mauritius.2006.
CEPSI 2006,shanghai ,CHINA.
Work shop in Mohiniyattam ,Cite d’la Musique ,Marsielle.
Nights of India Festival-Marseille,France 2004.
Cite’d la musique –Marseille, France  2004.
Mandappa-Paris -2004.
ICCR tour to Indonesia,Cambodia and Tailand with Guru Bharthi Shivaji.
Festival of India in USSR -1987, Representing Kerala.


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