Jayaprabha Menon

Mohiniyattam Exponent & Choreographer


Founded in 2005, the Delhi-based Academy strives for the preservation, promotion and popularization of Indian Classical performing arts of the country with special emphasis on Mohiniyattam, the lyrical dance of Kerala origin. Towards this end, it has been organising festivals, seminars and workshops for which services of outstanding artistes belonging to all genres of art forms are regularly utilized.

The Academy has an interdisciplinary approach to arts in general which is reflected in the lecture-demonstrations on Theyyam, Kalarippayattu and Sopana Sangeetham etc. and this has gone a long way in creating awareness among the public about them. Regular exposure to these art forms has also helped to enrich Mohiniyattam by imbibing many elements from them.

Apart from regular training courses for young artistes in Mohiniyattam, opportunities are created for their performance through festivals.

The annual Swathithirunal Festival organised by the Academy has been instrumental in popularising the multi-lingual compositions of the great Vaggeyakara. Admirably, Indian classical dances include many of his compositions of in their repertoire now.